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Quote: Originally Posted by bigjdubb View Post
Microtransactions are hit or miss with me. They aren't that bad as long as the real money to game money ratio is reasonable. Things can get out of hand when it's done like GTA V where an in game item can cost you more real money than the game itself did. The other issue is when they make in game items priced higher than what people can reasonably grind out. If you have to grind all day for weeks to buy something, IMO, it costs too much and it was probably done intentionally to sell game currency.

At some point we are either going to have to accept DLC and microtransactions as the way it is, or accept paying more than 59.99 for a game. I don't think we can have both.
agreed, it's been quite some time since the standard game MSRP hit $60.00.

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