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It is a terrible board for the money even if it can handle 5GHz "for gaming". It is using all discrete mosfets on a $200 board so you're paying for SupremeFX audio which is rebranded ALC1220 without an ESS DAC or TI op amp.


Z390-H is ATX, so there's really no reason to buy it. If you want to buy ASUS you are better off even with Z390-A let alone anything that is STRIX Z390-F/E or higher (ROG Hero). All of those at least have powerstages. If you look at the above link, even those STRIX board are heating up as fast as the Z390 Edge from MSI which is using discrete mosfets.

As far as 50A Vishay powerstages go, Aorus has 12 of them for CPU on the Z390 Elite , Pro, and Ultra. The Master uses 12x IR3553 powerstages. It was part of Gigabyte's overhaul of all their VRM designs after the Z370 mishaps.

If you just want something that runs cooler, rather than being more efficient then the Taichi is actually a better buy as well and even the MSI Z390 Edge (the discrete mosfet used is 10 rather than only 8 of them and the low side fet has around 33% less RDS(on)).

Additional reference: https://www.hardwareluxx.de/communit...e-1175784.html

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