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1) Prices on zen2 probably wont go much below msrp until zen2+ or zen3/intel.

2)Why not try to buy guys z390 mobo and ram as well

3)I don't know anything about z390 mobos so yeah...

4)9900k>3700x at around the same price so you've done well.

5)I kinda doubt zen 2+ or zen3 will be am4 compatible just judging by amd's 2020 date, but who knows?

TLDR if you really want zen sell 9900k and h100 and 3770k setup, buy yourself a better gpu with the profits, buy 3700/b450 instead of x/x470, and snag a 1600/2600 b450 combo for sister reusing gtx 1060.

Edit or maybe sell 1060 and snag a used 580 if its a big price difference.

Edit no non x 3700 .... tf amd

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