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Quote: Originally Posted by almstsobur View Post
I've mentioned this in other threads, but I believe you are paying extra for better silicon with the 3800 vs the 3700, some people assume they are the same chip, just a higher internal TDP ID.

I just yesterday started to tinker a bit with the manual OC when I watched a video showing SiliconLottery selling a 3800x for $600+ that was 4.3 all core at 1.3V. I thought that did not seem unreasonable to achieve for such a high price. Tested it on mine, no problem, completely stable, much lower temps than auto everything. So, I went up a step, I never tried another voltage I went right to 1.32V 4.4 all cores. So far completely stable, best part 59C under load, I was hitting 69C on auto everything. I have not tried any higher yet, but I have plenty of voltage and thermal headroom.

I am curious if any 3700X people can do similar, not a pissing contest, I truly would like to know if we are paying for silicon or just a higher TDP ID and internal clock markers.
For about 1.3 V (I was on 1.275, stable in AIDA64 stress and OCCT and anything doing on my PC, but restarting my PC imediately starting test in Cinebench R20) my ryzen 3700x could achieve just 4.2 Ghz.
4.3 Ghz haven't tried yet, but I bet It would request about 1.35-1.38 V to get stable, but I wouldn't like the voltages and temperatures got.
The conclusion: Ryzen 3800x is better than Ryzen 3700x. If the difference of 100-200 mhz is worth the difference cost is up to you.

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