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Quote: Originally Posted by PhillyB View Post
I just wanted to say thank you to the posters in this thread. I randomly clicked on it because I can't stand micro transactions that break games. Since I run a game studio, I just wrote this into my game studio's customer policy.

"[studio name] considers purchasable "Loot Boxes" to be customer robbery. It is not gambling. Gambling implies there is a winning outcome for the customer and purchasable loot boxes do not provide that criteria. They will never be offered by [studio name] and any company which condones their use is harshly judged by this studio."

"Micro transactions are much more difficult to disregard. Some can be good, while others are not. If [studio name] produces content for micro transactions, they will be superficial and cosmetic only. Items available in the game through play will never be available through external purchase, nor will items which change game play (such as a special weapon or armor)."

(i redacted the studio name because I didn't want to get accused of advertising.)

I share your opinions on loot boxes and micro transactions, but didn't think to put it in writing.

Did I miss any key points?

(just as a side note: I bet when people were typing away they never thought it would actually impact a game studio's policy.)
I think you should make a point of not adding microtransactions after the game has released and has been bought by customers. The player should know upfront what they're buying, and these features should be clear to anyone. People could be paying $[insert amount] upon purchase, and that's the agreed sum on both parts, publisher and consumer. Anything beyond that is betraying trust.

With this single point, I have absolutely no objection to either lootboxes or microtransactions. With this kind of transparency, the customer always knows what they're buying from the get-go.

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