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Quote: Originally Posted by zGunBLADEz View Post
looking for a 5700XT to trade for one of my 1080Tis FE if you have a waterblock even better i have one too for the 1080Ti and i also have the original cooler as well..
No money involved im looking for just a trade. My main pc is connected to a Samsung QDot tv and im looking forward to use the freesync on it.
I have the cheap mans version of your TV, no Quantom Dot, otherwise its damn similar, the NU8000, obviously just quite a bit cheaper. It also has Freesync, and allows me to play at 1440p 120hz.

I like you, have a water cooled 1080ti overclocked to the edge. When the Radeon VII Came out, I decided to Side Grade over because I BADLY wanted to finally use Freesync, I had never tried it, and I was convinced it was going to up my experience. I was also at CES (I Live in Vegas) so I was at the NVidia Conference when they announced Freesync support on NVidia cards. Then the next day witnessed the Radeon VII announcement, so I thought, **** finally I have options. I waited those what seemed like long weeks for both to launch, the Radeon 7 Came First, then exactly one week later NVidia launched Freesync Support.

My contact at AMD was supposed to do me a favor by securing me a card, unfortunately it got a little out of control, they heavily underestimated demand, and he couldn't hold one for me, so I missed out on one for the first 3 weeks. Then it was NVidia's turn, I download the new driver, only to find out that their Version of Freesync support will not work over HDMI. I tried all kinds of Methods to overcome this and couldn't. So Finally I was able to secure my own Radeon VII and a waterblock for it. I thought, well even though in most the titles I play its a slight downgrade, the Freesync support would make up for it.

Don't get me wrong, the Radeon VII was an awesome card to play with. I am really glad I got to experience it. I have something of a softspot for AMD, as my very first computer I built with my dad in Kindergarten was a 286 clone from AMD. My First PC I built on my own without my dads help (he bought the parts but I put it all together on my own) was an AMD *386* clone. My College Computer was the first Dual Core Athlon x2. Even now I am on the bleeding edge with the newest 3900x, and owned Several 1st and 2nd Gen Ryzen Flagships. So it pains me to say, as cool as some of their features are, their GPU's still just don't come anywhere close to NVidia in terms of stability. And I despise NVidia's business practices, so it sucks to say that. But now with both a 580 and Radeon VII, crashing constantly even at stock, and not like when you crash an NVidia card by OCing it to far and you black screen for 3 seconds then it recovers, they literally shut off your computer and half the time don't leave a log. The Experience sucked. And to top it off, Freesync, while Cool, was just not as big of an improvement for my gaming experience as I thought it would be. If you look for it, its noticeable, but in the titles I play, like Destiny 2, Rainbow 6 Seige, Realm Royale, Borderlands 2, and Ghost Recon Wildlands, I was already getting 120Hz almost locked depending on the title at 1440p, so it was already buttery smooth. After making me loose one too many rounds in Apex, which is what I was playing at the time for randomly crashing, I finally sold the card to a Client who does content creation, and put my 1080ti back in. Since then I haven't had one Graphics related crash. And IT is what I do for a living, I live on fixing issues, and of course spent over a month diagnosing the issue, doing more DDU runs in Safe mode then I have ever done in my life. Tried every Beta Driver AMD and the forums could get me.

I've paid attention to the NAVI launch, and these cards don't seem to be as bug riddled. But I have a client with a 580 who streams, and while his experience is no where near as bad as mine, it still has its weird issues that I don't experience. So I just have to give you a word of caution. I am sure the card is fine, but someone else is still clearly getting the better end of the deal, even just based on monetary value, and if you are just making the trade to experience your TV's freesync, Samsungs Implementation is not the best it turns out, so I just want someone to have warned you against that first. I would Highly recommend borrowing a 580 from a friend first and trying it to see if its what you really want.

If you are dead set on it, go for it, just wanted you to know my experience first. Anyways, I will shut up now.


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