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Quote: Originally Posted by dansi View Post
Oh dear, my is also haswell. I was expecting ryzem 3000 will be better than that. Amd has at least 10% better ipc, and you add in faster memory more cache etc, i expected 4.2ghz Ryzen 3900x to beat 4.6ghz haswell in games, and then we profit from 12 cores on other tasks.

Was expecting total win for amd here.

Perhaps you can do clean install first and then do per ccx oc.

Is there any channel site that review max oc Ryzen 3000 against the past generations of Intel cores?

It was a clean install. 3rd time actually trying to fix the low performance. I just installed all the apps i run like steam, battle.net, origin, epic, xbox, bitdefender etc. The same i ran on my 4790k.

Quote: Originally Posted by Duvar View Post
Ok i made a run with 100% your settings 1440p with everything maxed out + SMAAx4 too ofc.
CPU wise everything fine for you, but yor GPU is running like crap, there is something not ok... (or your VRAM is not enough maybe)

The driver and clocks were exactly the same so i don't understand the drop. It means it's the chipset drivers or the terrible agesa.

I got the performance when it was a fresh install with nothing installed. Like i said then i git 545-550 single core score in CpuZ bench. But when everything was setup with all apps installed the performance degraded. On a fresh Windows install the realbench inage editing score was 220k but with everything setup it dropped to 180-190k.

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