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One one side sure they have reasons to be pissed at the service provided on the other hand no one is forcing them to use those services. YouTubers love to call it a job because they have made it that for themselves but they are not YouTube's employees. Sure YouTube profits from people creating new content although aren't they still running in negative profit (money wise) for YT? Or so they say. They don't have to use YT, there are plenty other options to upload videos and share them as well as self hosting.

Now as far as those partnered and what not options go with YT, Twitch and what ever... well then that may be a contract etc. of some kind and then sure they have a right to be pissed at their business partner YT. Then don't do business with them if you don't like them, do business with someone else.

There are at least some branches of video production that won't even bother with YT almost at all. It's more of a general dump for videos of low quality. And lately a dump for video reviewers/advertisers but even that has alternatives.
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