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Quote: Originally Posted by JackCY View Post
YouTubers love to call it a job [...]

Now as far as those partnered and what not options go with YT, Twitch and what ever... well then that may be a contract etc. of some kind and then sure they have a right to be pissed at their business partner YT. Then don't do business with them if you don't like them, do business with someone else.
You seem to regard youtubers with some contempt.

Now, as for the issue in your argument, the problem is that some people have been led to believe they had a proper career path in entertainment afforded to them by Youtube. Now, as with any successful enterprise, you usually have to go all in to make it grow from nothing, and that requires time and dedication, the investment of the former of which precludes another job. The usual dismissal is "then don't rely on Youtube for your survival", etc, but that's not really a choice if you ever want to make something decent of it.

Whether or not Youtube is in the black is not relevant to how they should treat their partners, which, in the end, are what grew the platform and made them money. If Google doesn't give content creators a fighting chance, soon we'll be left with nothing but beauty gurus and corporate mouth pieces, and the owners of the channels you and I like to watch will eventually go back to their jobs if they have the chance.

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