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Quote: Originally Posted by KenjiS View Post

Just spent some more time tweaking a bit. New case has significantly better temps (I'm at 65 or so under load, stock profile) I cant get more than +75 core and +50 memory on my Strix 1080 Ti... Is 2025 Core/2778 Ram good or not.

Good news is it holds that speed a lot better due to better cooling
It all seems to be silicon lotto and aftermarket / Custom-PCB cards don't seem to be any better/different than reference board cards in terms of normal overclocking (air and water cooling). Custom-PCB cards only seem to effect how far we can go on liquid nitrogen.

Some people have shown 2100 - 2150 Mhz core speed stable on reference PCB cards with good air cooling, and my card (EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC Black Edition) is based on a reference board and only does 2026 Mhz, even with a large custom water loop and keeping the card < 40c even at full load. Some people have reported 2100 - 2175 Mhz with your strix card, or Custom-PCB cards.. and some people like you seem to only get 2025 Mhz out of yours. So it's all just a gamble.

What I have found with pascal cards though (1000 series from Nvidia) is that temps have the biggest impact on performance, way more than anything else, even more so than the design of the PCB. Aftermarket cards with big air coolers that can hold the temps down will overclock better (regardless of how the card's board is designed). I am confused a little on your memory speed though.. where are you getting that 2778 Mhz ram speed from? GPU-Z? What does afterburner say for your ram speed? The ram speed on these cards is reported differently in different programs and works on multipliers. My 1080 Ti runs with +700 Memory which results in 6210 Mhz for memory in afterburner, which is actually 12420 Mhz GDDR5x speed.
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