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Quote: Originally Posted by Sheyster View Post
There seem to be a lot of end-user complaints about dead pixels with this model on Amazon and other outlets. Also, anyone buying this model should be well aware that 120 Hz is only supported in 8-bit color mode (16.8m colors). 10-bit is 100 Hz only.

Yep I covered 8 and 10 bit colors in my review.

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Alright HDR and monitor Overclocking. Really it’s hard to have one with the other. With the CRG9 it’s a bit of a give and take. While at its native frequency of 120hz, the monitor recognizes itself on Windows 10 as 8 bit HDR with dithering, however if you lower the frequency down to 100hz, ohh I know thats a sin, but then you gain 10 bit HDR. BUUUUUT, if you are ok with 8 bit colors, I was able to crank this panel up to 144hz! Needless to say I am quite speechless. 120hz on a 5120x1440p panel is already quite high, so I really wasn’t expecting to see 144hz at all.

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