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August 2019 Foldathon!

Hello 980Ti Owner's Club!

I apologize for potentially derailing otherwise productive conversation, but this will only take a moment (yes this is a canned message I'm using in other clubs too, sorry)

You might have noticed the banner link to the upcoming Foldathon, August 2019 Edition. The OCN Folding team has been losing 24/7 membership for some time, and to make up for that we encourage other OCN users to jump in for a couple of days and donate a little bit of CPU and GPU time to helping find a cure for a variety of diseases, notably various cancer's but also Alzheimer's and others. We'd really appreciate it if you would join us!

Link to the Foldathon is here: August 2019 Foldathon

Link to the Stanford [email protected] Website is here: [email protected] Windows Download Page

I promise it's easy to set up! You don't need to worry about changing driver's or anything like that. Just do the following:

1a. If you don't already have an FAH passkey, create one here: Passkey Request Form

1b. If you haven't had a passkey before, you might want to run this for a day or two leading up to the Foldathon in order to qualify for bonus points.

2. Download/install the installer: [email protected] Windows Download Page

3. Once installed it'll autorun, enter your account and passkey you just created, and enter "37726" as your team number for OCN

4. Once you have it working, head to the Foldathon page (linked above) to register!

After that, you're pretty much done! If you don't want your CPU to run you can either pause it individually or disable it completely in the advanced controller - Configure -> Slots -> Select CPU -> Select 'Remove' -> DONE.

This whole process will take less than ten minutes, I promise. Put that studly computer to work and help us out! You can always shut down or remove the FAH controller afterwards.

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