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Quote: Originally Posted by xkm1948 View Post
What is the micro code for this BIOS? Can you guys check with HWINFO?


Microcode 36 in original 4101

Here a 4101 mod with microcode 37 and latest Intel Raid and Lan modules:


Don't forget to use Asus Flashback, the file comes renamed for Flashback after decompressing it.

Quote: Originally Posted by Tyemcho View Post
hi huys i have RAMPAGE V EXTREME/U3.1 + 6900K please tell me which Trident Z RGB modules to buy for this combo. is there anyone who has trident z rgb ram with this motherboard? i tried to boot my pc with ripjaw V 2800 with XMP" but it does not work. i also tried to install one module 3200 trident z "non RGB" and it works. so i have decided to buy quad channel kit. any suggestions?

G.SKill 3200 CL14 quad is a nice suit, RGB or non RGB versions.


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