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The funny thing even with hacking, the old methods are still very popular and widely used. Phishing and the telemarketing stuff still common. Almost everyone I know, has gotten robocalled everyday by someone pretending to be from Chinese Embassy/Chinese Customs/China Tax Agents. The worse being they leave voice mail, which I have to delete. Even hacking has not stopped industries like loan sharks and good old fashion espionage.

I understand we are care about our private info but our name, address are already out there. Sometimes even old credit card numbers, passport and social security numbers. Really isn't much we can do except practice common sense, check our bank accounts etc often and protect ourselves through using VPN.

Sometimes even funny things happens with the tax collection departments, my family's business is still waiting to hear back from the tax department about odd case of how someone managed to bypass telephone authorization for the business account (you have to know a lot of info to pass security checks) and changed the account address/direct deposit so any tax refund goes directly to them. I suspect we aren't only one and its probably an inside job.

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