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Quote: Originally Posted by andrewmp6 View Post
Fans depend on rad thickness and fpi on what rpm fan they need to cool right.How thick are the rads you going to use ?
And fin density (which is 16 fpi on these if they are Nemesis, or 20 fpi if they are not, btw). This can be more important than thickness. You need to take all aspects into account, not just a singular aspect.

@Lukeyboy89 - I'm all about the be quiet! SW3 high speed these days. Head and shoulders above every other 140mm I have tested (Noctuas, multiple Corsairs, eLoops, Vardars, etc) for rad use. Vardars and eLoops perform well, but the Vardars are nasty sounding, and eLoops howl in push/pull or with any restriction whatsoever on the intake side. Good info here - http://thermalbench.com/2016/10/31/b...h-speed-fan/3/

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