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Quote: Originally Posted by J7SC View Post
...nice find
Yea, but looks like it's broken, R20 cannot stress 256 thread and finishes under 12 sec while not all cores are at 100% constant :-).
Michael Benjamins – 2P 7742 was 27005 without doing thread pinning. There is a lot more performance there. Also, Microsoft Windows Server 2019 needed a patch (being mainlined now) to get 256 threads to boot. I am not sure if I want to show this before we get a better tuned result. Even with this, R20 hits black screen to fully rendered in ~12 seconds. Cores were under 40-98% load for <10 seconds with R20. I actually think R20 needs a bigger test for a 256 thread system.

We need ThreadRipper!

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