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Quote: Originally Posted by looniam View Post
yes it most certainly would be. but is it enough?

the same site has several articles and viewpoints about the issue:

Loot boxes a matter of "life or death," says researcher
Academics discuss their studies and concerns surrounding game monetization at FTC workshop

What did the FTC hear in its loot box workshop?
ESA defends virtual currency and dynamic drop rates as concerns are raised about consumer protection and similarities to gambling

Consumer advocates to ESRB, FTC: Loot box odds disclosure is not enough
Consumer Reports' Anna Laitin: "A kid is not going to make a better decision with odds disclosure"

Epic Games commits to loot box transparency across portfolio
THQ Nordic also weighs in on ESA pledges: "We do not plan to implement casino-styled mechanics in our games"

though idk, i have no horse in this race as far as loot boxes since i don't play those games.

[from the apples and oranges files]
The predatory aspect of the whole thing is a more politically charged part of the equation. It's certainly more debatable, but it's also where people will go around in circles, endlessly disagreeing, especially on internet forums.

I have my own ideas regarding the above, as a gamer and as a conscious member of society. I'll keep them for now. I'm more interested in transparency, as that is unequivocally beneficial to the universe of consumers integrally.

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