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I tell this to every maker willing to listen, so here goes to you too
Trends are a fact of life;
I remember hating my reading glasses, because they covered half my damned face (and i felt like an idiot); fast forward it a bit and it's a trend all of a sudden.. 15yr olds (of all real ages) walking around with 70s-styled glasses on them.. fashiun!111!
I could go on, but point hopefully taken.

So on topic, am aware it's the new trend to cram everything in as tight an enclosure as humanly possible; slap some needlessly overpowered GPU in it, must-have RGB on it and call one's self.. whatever it is they call themselves.
For normal people however, mITX used to be.. mITX really.. you'd use the integrated graphics, so barring that PSU lying somewhere inside the case, your sole 'worry' would be the HDDs. Tidy, logical. No empty space inside wasted. Amazing thing, logic, is it not.
Enter trends and what happens when everyone adhers to them, ie mITX cases about as deep as a full tower; why? Who knows?

Make something compact that doesn't expect the user to have a dedicated GPU; ie something that isn't almost 3 times as deep as it should; ie something resembling what once was a typical mITX case; the kind no one, but no one makes anymore.
Who knows huh, someone might buy it.

Pride, honour and purity.

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