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I'm in the process of building out a new (and physical) pfSense box to replace the virtual one currently in service. Due to space constraints, I am limited to a 1U rackmount case, so I have my eye on one of these. Everything else I'm familiar with, but I'm trying to gauge the appropriate level of CPU performance. My current Internet connection is 70Mb/20Mb VDSL and I'll be running at least one connection to a commercial VPN provider.

Since the case is 1U, cooling options will be limited so I can't choose any CPU which runs too hot and I'm guessing I should be looking at a clock speed of ~2GHz or so for at least decent encryption performance. I'm not afraid to dip into the secondhand market either, so recommendations (or at least experiences) will be welcome.

I found this link which gives an estimated performance scale. I just need to go shopping on eBay now for something which supports AES-NI...

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