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[Anandtech] SK Hynix Announces 3.6 Gbps HBM2E Memory

SK Hynix this morning has thrown their hat into the ring as the second company to announce memory based on the HBM2E standard. While the company isn’t using any kind of flash name for the memory (ala Samsung’s Flashbolt), the idea is the same: releasing faster and higher density HBM2 memory for the next generation of high-end processors. Hynix’s HBM2E memory will reach up to 3.6 Gbps, which as things currently stand, will make it the fastest HBM2E memory on the market when it ships in 2020.

Hoping this brings down costs of HMB2 memory as more competition and supply enter the chain. Also hoping we see more HBM2 on package for APU and such.
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