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Quote: Originally Posted by Defoler View Post
While HBM2 can be interesting in APUs, it might limit upgradability.
Considering a laptop with an APU. You will need to manufacture 3 different version of the exact same CPU with different memory, because the laptop manufacturer can't just add more memory once they get the chip to offer their customers several memory options.
That shouldn't be much difficult considering there are 7(?) different versions of Skylake i7 mobile performance processors that differ based on the graphic processors alone.

And with AMD's chiplet design, they should be able to design as many lego blocks as they may wish to.

It could drive costs up for APUs or laptops because of the choices of memory are limited by the APU.
That has already been matched against the profitability from selling multiple chips with varying flavors and it seems the latter won. Creating processor with varying HBM memory shouldn't be at all difficult.

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