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Quote: Originally Posted by d0minat0r View Post
Rejected - no rig picture.

Quote: Originally Posted by GUnit View Post
Here is something you don't see every day. Just like in the Radeon 4000 Armageddon Competition, I'm going to enter something for fun. A GT430 using the old 32 bit PCI slot. I bought it to test mainboards and to be a collectible.

I got this mainboard out of mothballs just for this competition. I never messed with it much because it didn't want to overclock very well, wasn't very stable and had cold boot issues. The Ballistix Tracers were in storage as well because I couldn't get much speed out of them, and they run so ridiculously hot. Apparently these parts needed some time to mature because now they are well behaved and eager for Mhz.

I hope no one knows where I live, because running a PCI GT430 in an A8R32-MVP is probably criminal.

I was going to run these benches in Windows 10 64 bit. After I downloaded the ISO I found out that only the 32 bit version would install on this vintage hardware. So, the next attempt with Windows 10 32 bit I see that Hwbot rules limit 3dmark to Windows 8 or earlier. The only other Windows I have is XP; so I installed that and find out 3dmark won't install because of a .net version requirement. Oh well, when I had Firestrike and Sky Diver in Windows 10 32 bit they didn't seem to want to run on this 512MB GPU anyway.

At least Aida64 and GPUPI ran in Win XP without a problem. The GT430 overclocked farther than I expected. It seems to be voltage locked; and I think this is the stable limit for the core clock at stock voltage. In Afterburner the memory could go to 780MHz; but I stopped where I did because I thought I saw some artifacting. No sense risking damage when raising the clocks further on this card won't raise the score much.

Aida64 = 1150


Thank you for having these overclocking competitions. I had a lot of fun and it's great to see all these attempts at top clocks and scores.
Added Aida64. Rejected GPUPI - screenshot is corrupted.

Quote: Originally Posted by GtiJason View Post
Finally got to play with the Hawk TA colder than -40C SS temps. Somewhere between -145 & -152C screen artifacts, then goes black. Only way to get it back is reset twice while -140C or warmer. ( For some reason ABX locks my max PLL ofset at +50mv so fix might? help. ) Clocks still ok, cards does 1420 at -130C with +410mv core / +50mv PLL in ABX and almost passes Aida with same V and max cold at 1500 MHz !

AIDA 64 GPU: SHA-1 Hash = 7240 mb/s

Quote: Originally Posted by Nikster View Post
Ok, lets go ;P

Firestrike: 3994


SkyDiver: 12709


Aida: 6055




Greez Nik and thanks for this nice Comp.

Quote: Originally Posted by 5erveD View Post
Here are my last subs:

Had some promising runs today but not being able to get them completed.
Repasted 3 times and had about 5 cracks during the day.
The card has more potential then these subs but No Joy was givin'
Was fed up in the end and decided to call it a day.
So this is it then.

Thanks for the comp.
And most of all; Good Game Gents!

Fire Strike: 4750

Sky Diver: 15645

Quote: Originally Posted by JCOC View Post
Extreme Subs:

GPUPI v3.3.2 Legacy





Sky Diver:



Fire Strike:



Quote: Originally Posted by bigblock990 View Post
Final subs for me. Good luck to everyone in the final hours

Skydiver: 17321 - https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/38265354
Firestrike: 5453 - https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/38265342
Gpupi: 50.728s - https://hwbot.org/submission/4210328_
Aida: 7803 MB/s

I really struggled with Aida. I could get the bench to pass up to 1520mhz, but never with proper efficiency. Very strange behaving bench thats for sure. Also Hynix mem cards score worse than samsung clock for clock. However when you can get it to pass with proper score, it was fun to see it scale linearly with frequency.
Added. Maybe we'll see Aida again in the future.

Quote: Originally Posted by Serious_Don View Post
Ambient submission, stock cooler edition

Tried my eyes out but not too pleased with my PNY GTX 460 (KMGX460N2H1GZ) Overclocked. Managed to get temps to stay fairly low on air using the stock cooler w/ bios modded for 100% fan control + a few external fans blowing hard on it. Couldn't get 1000mhz out of the core walking it slowly all the way to 1212mv except for a few lucky runs of GPUpi. Hopefully next event I'll have a bit more cash and time to get more than a sample size of 1 card!

Hwmonitor seems to bug out on some temps on my Ryzen 3700x. Rebooting fixes it but it may be present in a few of my submissions.

LOD + AA tweaks resulted in negligible gains for some reason with this card, so I just went with default for the valid submissions here.

Skydiver 10,044 (GPU score):

Firestrike 3,347 (GPU score):

gpupi 99.272 + 2.005s

Aida 64 SHA-1 hashes: 4866

Not quite the best submission, but I had lots of fun! Hope to another competition soon!

Quote: Originally Posted by Splave View Post
Prize Exempt for me ( I didnt even have the nuts to mod my own card )
7947 AIDA 1475/2950/1200

Best score for me was going into os ambient temps first, then pouring down (dont crash driver or skunked and need to warm back up to ambient). If OC program is showing temperature sensor at all then you need to warm back up till its gone. (This is only relevant if using the no cold slow bios)

Tough card to bench, tough card to mount to pot....can we make this easier next round?

Thanks NoX for taking charge, thanks to mllr in the shadows helping a bit, and the rest of the staff.

Some impressive clocks guys great work.
Added. Only one sub? D:

Quote: Originally Posted by GtiJason View Post
Last min benching

GPU Pi: 57.547s
Rejected - no clocks in GPUPI HWinfo.

Quote: Originally Posted by KaRtA82 View Post
wow, what a crap go I had at this. Honestly, a GTX460 is as rare as unicorn poo here down under. No-body has any!

But I did manage to find 2, one I killed trying to mod (a better gigabyte model), the other is pure junk as seen below.

Anywho, it's not about winning, its about participation, so I didn't let my bad luck and rubbish skills stop me. Thanks for running, hopefully next time its a more readily available GPU worldwide.

3DMark Skydiver - 11653


3DMark Firestrike - 3562


Aida - 5469

GPUpi 1B - 80.469s

Skydiver and Firestrike rejected - not full runs. Aida and GPUPI added.

The rankings have been finalised and the winners will be announced in due course.

DDR2 Frequency 1st Place = 910.1MHz DDR (1820.2MHz) - http://hwbot.org/submission/3589779

Reference Frequency 10th Place = 711.18MHz - https://hwbot.org/submission/3978447_

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