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First of all, sorry about my english, i will try to explain as best i can.

Recently i change my eight years old build for a Ryzen new one.

This is my new build:

Ryzen 3700x

Gigabyte x570 Aorus Master

Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200 32GB 2x16GB CL16

Thermaltake Floe Riing RGB 360 TT Premium Edition

Samsung 970 Evo NVME 1 TB

Thermaltake P3 Snow Edition

One friend and my update us hardware at same time with a very similar build, same processor and Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro instead Aorus Master , Deepcool 240 mm AIO instead Thermaltake, and Coolermaster H500 instead Thermaltake P3. My friend is using an standard thermal grease and im using conductonaut.

First thing i see strange is that with same PBO configuration ( Autooverclocking + 200 Mhz + Motherboard limits ) is that Prime95 Small FFTs L1/L2/L3 max temps of my friend are about 72º and me around 90º, and, my friend have 4150 Mhz all cores and me about 4020 Mhz all cores.

Investigating i see that PPT, TDC and EDC of my friend and mine are not equal. This is calculating the percentages of Ryzen Master at full with Prime95:


PPT - 108W

TDC - 61A

EDC - 105A


PPT - 132W

TDC - 91A

EDC - 108A

Around 30W and 30A more me than my friend, but same CPU voltage.

If i configure bios with default settings ( without PBO ) i have around 60º at full Prime95 but 3,7 Ghz. My friend have same temp but around 4 Ghz, the difference is my motherboard sets my CPU with 1,14 Vcore and his motherboard sets his processor with 1,23 Vcore.

I try to configure PBO limits with my friend´s data Prime95 full max PPT,TDC and EDC, and the result is i have 3,8 Ghz with 1,16 Vcore ( my friend 1,37V and 4,15 Ghz ).

As well i try to force my motherboard withs my friend limits and my friend vcore, but my motherboard ignore my vcore.

Some screenshots:

https://i.redd.it/kc8m2vq4e7g31.png - Me with default PPT/TDC and EDC limits

https://i.redd.it/hjuq2h46e7g31.png - My friend with default PPT/TDC and EDC limits

https://i.redd.it/f6vvd2w7e7g31.jpg - Me with my friends limits

https://i.redd.it/ge57dte9e7g31.png - My friend without limits

https://i.redd.it/y4p4mdwbe7g31.png - Me without limits

Anyone knows thats the problem?

I need to say i try two differents 3700x with SAME result.

Im thinking about airflow problem or AIO problem, but i thinks its OK. Room temp are very similar. I try to put a fan over CPU waterblock but i get same temps. As well i try to simulate airflow with a big room fan put in front my pc and temps and behavior are equal.

AIO has been dismounted, checked and mount again and its ok.

Both motherbards have last BIOS update and chipset drivers.

Thanks for any idea and, please, if you dont understand something, ask me.

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