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Quote: Originally Posted by Defoler View Post
You have 7 different skylake i7 mobile chips, which come with different tdp, core count, speed and gpu. Now add 3 version for each chip, one with 8GB of HBM2E, one with 16GB, one with 32GB. That gives you now 21 chips.
This will escalate prices.
Allowing to connect extra DDR4 memory, will directly make the memory much slower, which will completely negate the whole reason to use HBM2E.
The Skylake performance bracket for mobile already has 7 chips that are quad cores. The difference in TDP comes from clock speed and the graphic chips. They could only launch 8GB variants for dual / quad core and still have the same variations.

As for the performance impact of additional memory controller, that already affects the current chips without the HBM.

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