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Quote: Originally Posted by EastCoast View Post
To some degree yes however you don't use RAL to show highest frame rates either. You can think of AL something on the lines of High Precision Event Timer for AMD GPU's (in a sense). In other words, you don't enable HPET for most games to report the highest possible frame rates...well I hope you don't

RAL does work though. I've been testing it and it works best in button mashers, twitch shooters and racing sims where you need crisp precision. For games like Tomb Raider, Hitman, Battlefield, etc not so much.

However, for games like:
-Project Cars 1/2
-Mortal Kombat, Injustice 1/2 and other combo button mashers
I've found an absolute difference in the responsiveness I need in order to execute certain maneuvers.
For example:
-I can consistently hit my apex in Project Cars 2 at the most optimum speeds.
-I can consistently pull combo moves, at will, ever time with MK/Injustice 1/2
-I can consistently pull 180's in BO4. Do come backs, and get the jump on a player face to face more often (which means I'm seeing them first).

Overall, this is my experience. I won't play those games without RAL from this point forward. And, I haven't notice any issues with frame rates. For optimal use of RAL you may consider being GPU limited. You can increase resolution or scaling to do so.
How does it compare to say Main3D (Pre Rendered Frames) set to 0? 0 has the least additional latency since AL is only playing with the addional pre-rendered frames to dynamically reduce frame latency on that? I assume they're not compatible without problems.

And is there any benefit to AL if you choose to cap your frames at slightly below your min (for sake of argument)? I noticed in CS it kind of gave my mouse a skipping sensation (inconsistency), but I was altering the Main3D which is probably why.

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