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Quote: Originally Posted by Jonny321321 View Post
How does it compare to say Main3D (Pre Rendered Frames) set to 0? 0 has the least additional latency since AL is only playing with the addional pre-rendered frames to dynamically reduce frame latency on that? I assume they're not compatible without problems.
RAL is a bit more involved then pre-rendering fps. And, has a very noticeable impact that I don't see with FQS changes. For AMD FQS of 0 is none existent.

In a nutshell RAL prevent the CPU from being ahead of the GPU.

Quote: Originally Posted by Jonny321321 View Post
And is there any benefit to AL if you choose to cap your frames at slightly below your min (for sake of argument)? I noticed in CS it kind of gave my mouse a skipping sensation (inconsistency), but I was altering the Main3D which is probably why.
A benefit using RAL when FPS is capped? I don't get the impression that capping frame rates is of particular importance when it comes to RAL. Remember this is about reducing Input/Peripheral latency not pixel latency (g2g, etc).
Try it with Freesync enabled and disabled. You shouldn't notice any difference.

I've read that in certain FPS ranges they noticed the best benefit using it. But in those cases, I assume, are more GPU then CPU limited. IE: running at 1440p instead of 1080p for example.


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