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either freeze or burn
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Before anything else, check your card if it has a BIOS Switch. Yeah some board makers omit this option. This will be your backup when things fail you can still boot into Windows with the previous settings.

2nd before you bother, make up your mind on what you really need to do. Overclocking and undervolting go against each other. So think about what it is that you want to achieve.

Is the card running hot? Or do you need more power? 10MHz will not give you an fps boost.

What I would make you understand is that you should have a baseline where things should fall in terms of Voltages. Say lock your max Voltage to 1.2V (just an example) and get the max clock you can achieve at that level. That’s how this things work.

Just an example, I am running my cards on water so they should be cool enough on any task. But I also undervolted them to 925mV and clocked to 900MHz. No throttling whatsoever. And performs better than stock of 1000/1250 due to memory tweaks.

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