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3x420mm rads!
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Quote: Originally Posted by ljmadness View Post
@GBT-MatthewH I have good news, I found a workaround with DRAM voltage lock issue, the bug is still there but at least there is a work around for now. I was just testing CSM Support setting(BIOS F5I) to cut down on boot time, so I set it to disable see screenshot below and next thing you know my DRAM voltage went up to 1.40v even with the CPU multiplier on. This option is enabled by default with load optimized setting so I never test it with it disable until today.
Interesting! So in your case that csm setting is behaving identically to the disable sata setting in my Aorus Pro!

Quote: Originally Posted by panni View Post
Try Argus Monitor. I had the same issue with not being able to use speedfan with modern hardware. It costs money, but Argus is awesome and well supported.
The biggest feature for me is that you can set multiple fan curves for multiple temp sources for the same fan. Depending on what's getting hotter, you can really fine tune the fan response.
thanks I'll check it out

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