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Best memory kit for X570

So I'm researching around and can't really find the definitive answer for this.

Anyone care to chime in on which memory kit should I buy?

I'm aiming to
  1. Best memory speed and low latency
  2. 1:1 FCLK with 3900x
  3. Preferably low profile or non RGB. Doesn't have to meet this but would be good if it did.
  4. Can be used to run quad channel stuff in the future.
  5. If possible, 32GB or greater.

I'm also considering dual rank due to its advantages but can't really be sure if the disadvantages will outweigh the speed benefits. They'll run slower with looser timings afaik.

Money is not an issue. But I prefer not to spend on features that I don't need (rgb, corsair's cooling fan etc).

Hardware planned

Crosshair 8 Hero
Swiftech Drive X3 360mm

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