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Any search for profit system/company is skewed to give you very biased results. Google is long gone from a blank general search engine that gives you all the results, nowdays it gives you the one it wants for what ever good or bad reason, where good and bad definition is again based on point of view, yours, theirs, Google's, ... People used to use many search engines and sometimes results were similar, sometimes not, but people had to search at more places to find what they need. Google was great at finding stuff and had a ton of bank to develop huge unlike other search engines that stayed rather local, Google went global. Purposeful censorship of results on any platform is undesirable and if such censorship should be taking place then it either is because of a law or user's preference. For many things Google is not a good search engine/site anymore because it filters way too much based on what it wants or what other's have paid it to filter out.

If this thread is politics, then move it to politics and then discussion is fine? What's wrong with that. Don't put it under software news hey?

Its weird seeing this "no politics" lately on so many topics on front page.
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