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Quote: Originally Posted by RedBlueHue4 View Post
Sorry you've had this post up for 12 hours and no one has responded to try and help you out. Seems this website has alot of folks who don't care to help someone curious and new to PC like myself but instead boast about their things and rant about rumors or irrelevant things.

For the best memory kits on Ryzen 3000 anything Samsung B-die should do an excellent job. B-die is not guaranteed on any kits (atleast to my knowledge) but to get a good lead on what kits most likely are Samsung B-die look for kits with low latency. For example alot of G.skill 3200mhz -cl14-14-14-35 are B-die or 3600 cl16 '' " " are too.

To be more specific the recently launched g.skill neo DDR4 are specifically optimized for Ryzen processors. They are RGB, but nearly all "GTZN" with low latency stats are B-die the "GTZNC" also have very good timings but are slightly looser timings in ras/tras timing. I believe they are Hynix M-die.

If dead set on not wanting RGB, look at the G.skill tridentZ non RGB SKUS. Doing a quick search on Google for "which G.skill ddr4 are Samsung B-die" in one of those few top threads there is a great thread from reddit that a gentleman refers to most DDR4 modules and their die type.

Personally I went with G.skill neo recently. Very nicely priced and performance is spot on. Whichever RAM you decide on, I would reccomend looking into Ryzen DRAM calculator for tightening the timing and making the most out of your $. RAM won't be the most influential thing on your system, so get the good GPU/CPU/Mobo before the RAM. Hope that helps!

Quote: Originally Posted by Fluxmaven View Post
You can check the B-die finder to see what kits are actually B-die.


Samsung is ending production of B-die though, so it may be harder to source a 2nd set if you want to add more down the line.

Quote: Originally Posted by AlphaC View Post
Have you seen this thread in the subforum you posted in ?


AMD recommendation is 3600C16 (FLCK 1800MHz).

If you're willing to fine-tune I've seen people with 1900MHz FCLK and I suppose that is what the Trident Z Neo 3800C14 kit is for at a hefty premium assuming your CPU can handle 1900MHz FCLK (not guaranteed).

If price/performance is a consideration and you're willing to put in effort , people have also had Micron E-die working with 3600MHz+.

I'm looking at this one. Which is G.skill neo, and comes with 4 sticks so it should be pretty good to run? It's a 3600 and CL16-16-16-36 kit. 4x8GB so it's 32GB.

This is b-die right?


Or should I seek dual rank kits with 2x16 instead?

Can 3600C16 be tuned with faster FCLK?

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