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Quote: Originally Posted by Dimaggio1103 View Post
The whole no politics thing needs to die already. We are people and you want talk, debate and discussion, yes even on a tech forum. If I cannot talk with my fellow peers and correct my view, or correct theirs, we live in a sanitized world meant for babies. How about just lock the thread once people become nasty to violate those rules? Politics and tech intersect, specifically in this case.

No matter what side your on, this is bad. yes its only a lot of conservatives getting banned or buried by algos, for now, but one day a repub might be in charge of google or company xyz, you really wanna see what they do when the tables are turned? This is not a good path to go down.

News should report exactly what happened and leave their opinions out, and search engines should just pull results based on the exact string searched, not the slant you wanna put on it.

Exactly this.
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