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Newegg had it for 289.99, plus a code for -10. With tax that's ~307, not including the $20 MIR. The EVGA single fan goes for 289.99 on Amazon and Newegg often. From what I heard in the EVGA forums this will become the norm in Sept after all of the 2060S and 2070S go down to MSRP.

If you don't like the cheap single fan 2060's, I would just get the FE 2060S if it's that close. I'm not sure if any of the fancier 2060's will come down in price and it's probably not worth it to wait if you are getting a 2060S anyways.

Also why get the FE? I would just get this for the same price: https://www.evga.com/products/produc...08G-P4-3067-KR

I believe TPU reviewed this 2060S from EVGA and it had slightly lower temps than the FE. Plus you get EVGA support and the step up opportunity.
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