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Quote: Originally Posted by rdr09 View Post
None that I know of. If OP allows, we could probably just join here. Just got my 3600 installed and surprised that it runs rather cool contrary to what I've read about it. This is at optimized default in the bios (all stock) with RAM at 2400MHz CL16.

Both Clock and Voltage downclock using Windows Balance Plan with minimum processor state at 25%.

Motherboard: Asus Prime X470 Pro

BIOS: 5007.

You gonna love it.
Good job man!

Next week I am expecting my 3600x+ Gigabyte 570 aorus elite+g.skill trident 16gb Cas15 3200 and can't wait to start experimenting and benchmarking with them.
I noticed that everybody is using Cinebench for benchmarks. I have also bought 3D mark.
I plan to transfer my current windows 10 together with my evo ssd from my current setup to the new one.

Anything else I should keep in mind?

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