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You want both your radiators on intake. I previously had one rad on intake (front) and one on exhaust (top). Temps were decent at about 17c delta.

I made them both intake and added an EXTRA 120 mm fan to rear (on exhaust with another 140 mm) and saw my loop delta drop about 5c.
BEEN THERE DONE THAT - Double check that you can fit the HWL rads in there. They are 153 mm wide. I had to bust out the Dremel.
Also, if you can only put rads on one side, the most efficient setup is usually push.
Like Tesla did, open up your back if need be to exhaust. I added an extra fan. However, leave a little restriction though to maintain positive pressure and then pay for GOOD micro filters.
Radiators love ambient air but hate dust. Good micro-filters on intake will save you a lot off cleaning later on.
Tool Tip - If you have a set of Electrical Combo Strippers / Crimpers, they usually come with threaded bolt cutters on them (in the center). Check to see if they are metric or standard.
You can also buy them on Amazon. You can also buy multi-packs of various length radiators screws as well. Good to have when fitting out a case.
This can be a REAL useful tool if you need to shave a couple of mm off of a radiator bolt. Just remember to round the bolt off and file the thread back open after cutting.

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