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Quote: Originally Posted by jclafi View Post
Mine R5 3600 runs quite cool too, even overlclocked.

I´m using 1.408v and 1.2SOC to a rock solid 4.2 Ghz. Such easy over!

Comparing my old R5 2600 @ 4.2 too, the results are excelent! Same motherboard, memory, SSD, just a CPU swap.

R5 2600 @ 4.2Ghz: S.C:176 - M.C: 1446

R5 3600 @ 4.2Ghz: S.C:198 - M.C: 1676

The new CPU at the same clock of the old, is faster! About 12.5% in single core and 16% multi core.

Such great value CPU!

Are u using stock cooler or something else?

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