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1440p monitor options

Looking for the best options in the 1440p 144Hz IPS category.

I was hoping to pick up the LG 27GL850 within the next month but the rtings review showed 700:1 contrast ratio. I only play games after 10pm so it's completely dark in the house. If the black levels of the monitor are this bad combined with a dark room, I don't think I would be happy. Plus the 1 year warranty is a red flag.

The Asus ASUS PG279QZ had a much better contrast reports on rtings and is apparently their best rated monitor. The motion blur is slightly worse than the LG but I can't imagine it being an issue.

I'm not really sure what to do here. I'v been looking for a monitor since ~2015 and there always seems to be some problem with the products that makes me not want to bother. I also wanted to try 21:9, but I'm not completely sold on it when they all seem to sacrifice features and cost way more.

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