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Quote: Originally Posted by Leopardi View Post
PG279QR should have better BLB situation, if their zero frame design reaps the same benefits as Acer's XB271HU did.

There's also PG279QE apparently with traditional Asus BLB-bezels, I don't know if it's just a renamed PG279QZ. What a mess these model names.
QE is the economic version with no RGB cancer and such at least from what I remember reading.

LG always has minimal warranty as allowed by law in any country, so for 1 year you can only blame your gov.
That's simply how LG rolls to reduce losses. Buy a several thousands TV? No problem, here is minimal warranty They really don't care. If you want more you have to buy warranty from 3rd party and many shops try to sell that sort of stuff.

AUO is spitting out new variants of IPS 27" 1440p in 165Hz and 240Hz Q3/4 2019. And they've already had that M270DAN2.x up to at least 2.6 last time I had one.

The mounting of newer panels and frames can help with BLB but it heavily depends on implementation, you can have old version with low BLB and good frame while newer version has bad frame design for it despite having better mounting options.

From a technical perspective large thick bezels are desirable as it gives more structural integrity and space to mount things properly.
Those newer zero frame designs often only wrap around the panel and warp all around it due to them being inject molded thin plastic, so they do press on sides of the panel, here are gaps in some parts etc. it's not a pretty sight at times how big the tolerances and warping is.

You can find my summary thread in signature, I will try add what is there on news on TFTC.

Quote: Originally Posted by poliacido View Post
I have the PG279Q and i can tell it's the best monitor i've ever had
A massive lottery on those.
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