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Quote: Originally Posted by Shaded War View Post
What do you all think the best move to do is. At some point it would be nice to get off these old monitors and move up. It's been nearly 5 years of looking for something worth my time that didn't come packed with QC flaws. But nothing seems to be improving.

Should I wait until the PG279QE comes out and see if QC improves any? Get something currently out now? I'm so lost because of the panel lottery issues makes me want to avoid these monitors all together.
It's been the same 5 years ago indeed, 100Hz+ non existent and even 60Hz was plagued with QC issues, decent panels stuck at 60Hz electronics. 2015+ more options available at 100Hz+ but kind of one worse than the other with AUO holding almost a monopoly for half a decade.
You can try play the lottery on some models you like but in the end it really is a big lottery.

Maybe check the EVE Spectrum and see what they are able to do with the LG panel, if they are able to get a better variant of it, etc. If they will do a better QC at higher price, and so on.

The 75Hz market is fairly limited too, there were some older 27" IPS in 75Hz but those had terrible BLB and glow issues all over shopping sites posted by customers.
I only know about the AOC Q3279VWFD8 that's newer and fairly usable if you're not unlucky with calibration or something. It's not the best, nor the fastest but it's OK at most aspects and has a low price making it great value. There is also an LG variant, harder to find any reviews but I did once and a friend has it but I haven't heard much after he got it:


With the 27" IPS 144Hz+ you're stuck with AUO, Innolux, LG panels for now, AUO being miserable since 2014 with terrible lottery, Innolux released recently but similar issues and LG released now with their push for faster response time sacrificing contrast. And then you have all the quirks of each monitor model to add to the panel issues. And they often cost a fortune of 500+ EUR unless you try luck with the 400 EUR models which I think when it comes to Acer get the worst panel bin of all.

There is no win so far. All you can do is find shops that let you return at no cost to you and try lottery with a few monitors.
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