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There is all sorts of things wrong with this launch.

The original spec sheet is wrong, it does have DP 1.4 (which is needed for 4K/120).

No HDR I think is some lame attempt to keep the panel wear down/burn in potential down for demanding PC use.

The response time listing of 0.5ms GTG is nonsensical, since there is no such thing as G2G when testing the speed of an OLED panel. Not to mention LG OLED panel pixel response is sub 0.1ms per the manufacturer.

Basically they are just filling the gap between now and when HDMI 2.1 video cards hit. For a $2500 price premium considering you can get a 55" C9 OLED for $1500. Come those HDMI 2.1 video cards, the C9 *may* be better because of the superior native HDR. I say *may* because we don't know if NVIDIA will allow VRR over HDMI 2.1 yet. If they don't, the Alienware will actually be the better choice since it has VRR.

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