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Quote: Originally Posted by Defoler View Post
People really love to hate. But it is understandable. It is news about nvidia and OCN.

But people miss the big picture. The more games supporting RT now, by the time AMD brings their cards that support it, and MS optimise it more, we will get both the hardware and the software to allow real RT in games on the mid range as a standard feature.
The earlier game designers adopt it, it will be come faster, better and a standard by the time hardware support it from low to high end.

Tessellation used to require a huge amount of GPU power. When AMD were first to support it, even when it was rare and dropped FPS massively, everyone applaud. When nvidia out matched amd on it and pushed it to developers further than AMD could, everyone said "nooo, we don't need tessellation, it is bad, requires too much, not needed", but it is the heart now of visuals, a standard that is a requirement.

I hope more developers adopt it as early as possible. That way tools and optimisation will be ready for the next hardware to come.
And if AMD has a totally different way of doing ray tracing? Then what Nvidia is doing with RTX isn't really *that* relative to AMD.

We know the next generation consoles will have AMD's ray tracing method, so that's what I'll wait for. AMD cards that support ray tracing will likely have a bigger impact once the consoles drop.

Right now it's just not worth it. My 2 cents, I'm glad Nvidia is trying to push ray tracing but I will not be an early adapter myself.

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