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Quote: Originally Posted by JackCY View Post
With the 27" IPS 144Hz+ you're stuck with AUO, Innolux, LG panels for now, AUO being miserable since 2014 with terrible lottery, Innolux released recently but similar issues and LG released now with their push for faster response time sacrificing contrast. And then you have all the quirks of each monitor model to add to the panel issues. And they often cost a fortune of 500+ EUR unless you try luck with the 400 EUR models which I think when it comes to Acer get the worst panel bin of all.

There is no win so far. All you can do is find shops that let you return at no cost to you and try lottery with a few monitors.
That is what I was suspecting. I'm not really wanting to screw about with multiple RMAs to try to get a good panel. If there was any perfect 1440p IPS I would probably buy it even if it costed over 500.

So I'v kind of narrowed it down to a couple of options.

Wait for the PG279QR and see if it's better. Or give the LG a chance considering it gets away from gsync exclusivity as a bonus.

But I'm starting to lean toward trying an ultrawide out. The 34GK950F-B seems to be a pretty well reviewed product if you can look past the 800:1 contrast.
I set up my 3 screen eyefinity / surround to play Borderlands 2 again, and I'v been enjoying the larger FOV. I think I would probably like 21:9 quite a bit since you get the FOV advantage without having the bezels and extra bulk. My only concern is game support being a bit sketchy when you shy from 16:9.

Also, does anyone know how "fulfilled by amazon" works? If I order a display and it turns out to be a lemon, will it be just as easy to get a refund like amazon direct or will the third party be involved? I ask because most of the decent priced monitors I see are all sold like this.

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