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Quote: Originally Posted by parityboy View Post
I have my phone (Nokia 7 Plus) paired with my desktop machine (which runs the latest KDE Neon) via Bluetooth. I can use the media controls on the desktop to control the YouTube app (and I presume others such VLC) and I can hear the audio as it is routed from the phone to the desktop over the Bluetooth link. What I would like to do is have my desktop mic routed back to the phone so that I can not only hear calls but also talk without having to use the phone's mic (i.e. full hands-free).

Is this possible? Thanks.

I'm certain it's possible - the question is if we can find enough Pulseaudio and Bluez documentation to figure it out lol.
I don't have a system set up at home right now since I'm moving but I too, would love to figure this out.
One thing is that most likely the phone is routing audio using A2DP+ and we'll need to switch that back to HSP for two-way audio link to work. Note that audio quality is substantially reduced in HSP; it's optimized for lower latency and two way transmission rather than A2DP being optimized for high quality one-way transmission.
Supposedly, this has been implemented into PulseAudio. I know there's flags for udev rules to make it automatically switch the mode of Pulseaudio based on the application's needs. Not sure if that's applicable here. I'll try and do more reading and see what I can find.
Just knowing HSP and A2DP should give you a leg up though.

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