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Quote: Originally Posted by ciarlatano View Post
First off, if you run the two intakes and single exhaust at the same speed, you already have positive pressure.

Second, I'm going to throw a curveball at you......go dig out those F140MP fans that came with your case (provided it came with the MP style, and isn't an older case that came with the SP) and try them as intakes. In the lower rpm ranges that you are going for they move more air with less noise in this application than the Noctuas that you replaced them with.
What carlatano said above.
Quote: Originally Posted by Synoxia View Post
Damn. I already throw them in the bin unfortunately (the mp)... which fan you recommend buying then? P.S I use the provided dust filter... shouldn't static pressure fan be better for this?

Also, there are 2 intakes and 1 exhaust but didn't you count the D15 fans?
No, the D15 fans are flowing air through cooler inside of case, not flowing air into / out of case.

Using only case intake fans instead of intake and exhaust is like running a cooler with only middle or from fan (depending on cooler) instead of front and back/middle fans. Difference is only a degree or 2 higher with single fan at same speed, but noise level is lower with single fan. If we speed up fan to same noise level as 2x fans made the cooling is basically the same.

Most all of my build have no exhaust fans, just good front intakes and maybe a bottom intake with all PCIe back slot covers removed. Removing PCie slot covers increases rear vent area around GPU dramatically and thus improves airflow back and out of case around GPU. Ths gives us lower CPU and GPU temps becuase the GPU's heated exhaust is more likely moved back and out thru PCie open slots.

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