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Quote: Originally Posted by Synoxia View Post
Damn. I already throw them in the bin unfortunately (the mp)... which fan you recommend buying then? P.S I use the provided dust filter... shouldn't static pressure fan be better for this?

Also, there are 2 intakes and 1 exhaust but didn't you count the D15 fans?
You aren't really understanding how static pressure ratings matter (or don't, as the case may be) in actual application. For example, you are probably assuming that your IPPC 2000 fans have higher static pressure than your Chromax. They do at max speed, but that is only because they spin faster. At the same speed they have the same same pressure because they are the same fan blade and housing. So, when you are looking at these static pressure ratings for max speed, they mean little to nothing in terms of real world usage, unless your real world involves running all of your fans at max speed at all times. The important measurement of a fan's SP and AF performance comes from a PQ Curve (https://www.nidec.com/en-NA/technolo...sary/000/0630/) which shows the relationship between AF and SP throughout a fans usable range.

No, you would not count the fans on the D15 as they are neither intake or exhaust.

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