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Quote: Originally Posted by looniam View Post
don't get an "unknown" PSU that's probably junk. isn't that a microcenter store brand?
Yes it is from MicroCenter. I was in a pinch in terms of budget and decided to cut some corners and go with this PSU

Quote: Originally Posted by shilka View Post
Pretty sure the PSU the OP has uses the High Power Element Smart platform which is horribly outdated and is not very good to say the least
The NZXT Hale 82 V2 uses the same platform https://www.overclock.net/forum/31-p...ale-82-v2.html

Even if the PSU is not the problem its still a rubbish PSU that should be replaced

Edit: this is what you have right? this is the one based on the High Power Element Smart from what i understand
That is the one I purchased. As my answer above states, money was a concern and some compromises had to be made. The replacement will most likely be this model.


What is you opinion on this one?

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