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Quote: Originally Posted by Joe Schmoe View Post
Yes it is from MicroCenter. I was in a pinch in terms of budget and decided to cut some corners and go with this PSU

That is the one I purchased. As my answer above states, money was a concern and some compromises had to be made. The replacement will most likely be this model.


What is you opinion on this one?
why not go back to MC?

the product page states a 5 year warranty and no receipt needed. i've only bought from/dealt with MC by detroit a few times. i bought a "refurbed" ducky shine zero for $70. it started some double reporting a few weeks later and they let me exchange it for a new one off the shelf. i was pretty stoked to get a $100 keyboard (blue switches FTW!) despite the total ~3 hour drive time.

they'll have a much better selection*. but i understand the time constraint.

*edit: assuming they credit you the ~$40/$50 which am sure they will.

Quote: Originally Posted by J7SC View Post
@shilka @looniam

...sorry gents to piggyback on this thread, but about half a year ago, I had exactly the same problem with one of several Antec HPC Platinum 1300w we bought. One fine day, the system wouldn't boot, just fans spinning up very briefly then stop...I changed PSU and everything worked. While the original unit is still under warranty, the normal route for RMA (returning it via the retailer) won't work because the retailer is out of business <> NCIX, here in Canada.

In any case, I emailed Antec Support and also called w/ voice mail messages many months ago - nobody at Antec ever responded. I then opened up a ticket, and...still nothing, per below (I covered personal info etc). Apart from a Better Business Bureau complaint, can you gents think of any other option ? That Antec HPC Platinum 1300w wasn't cheap...
sorry despite my reply above - i am not an "RMA guru". never dealt w/antec. but if i were you i would consider some phone calls that involve actually talking to a person instead of messages/emails. i've never filed anything w/BBB because well, i never expected anything that would resolve my situation in a timely manner.

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Upload the computer to Dropbox and provide a link to it so others may download it to examine and give advice for repairs.
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