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Quote: Originally Posted by ToTheSun! View Post
If you buy a smaller monitor, smaller objects will be just as hard to spot. Pushing the monitor further back will, in theory, be better than simply buying a smaller monitor, as the excess distance will emulate the decreased surface area while making it easy on your eyes to focus on stuff.
With a smaller monitor I don't need to push it anywhere, it just appears right to me. Before this 24inch monitor I'm using right now I was playing on a 20inch monitor and it felt a bit on the smaller side. So I bought a 24inch based off of video reviews not realizing actually how big it is. I tried to get used to it for more than a year...then I visited my cousin who has a 22inch non gaming monitor and immediately realized that's the perfect size for me.
So now I'm searching something between 22 and 23inch, but is hard to find small monitors for competitive gaming.
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