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Hi there!

As far as motherboard goes, I wanted something low power, as all this will serve as is my photography backup and cloud storage for a few friends of mine. (end destination isn't even my house for this project! As a good buddy of mine who works in the home automation integration field and complete smart home audio integration has a 300/300 connection, while the most that comes to my house is 40/10, T_T).

Anyways, I digress. The motherboard is a Biostar A10N-8800E at version 6.0. They recently released 6.1 which features a slightly bigger heatsink and a bigger fan setup for it too, because some people have complained of high temperatures, Biostar was quick to resolve that issue.

The Biostar motherboard has a SoC AMD FX-8800P, which is sort like a SoC version of the AM1 platform, it features quad cores and a performance roughly equivalent in multi-core to a i5-6200U. (which is 2C/4T) so you can assume it has less performance in ST, but overall, as I said, roughly equivalent performance. Two DIMM slots, which support up to 16GB DIMMs with an m.2 port that has SATA and PCIE compatability. I wanted something versatile as I'm always changing stuff around and upgrading my stuff.

This little CPU is more than enough for my file server and cloud storage for 3-5 people.

The biggest advantage of this platform versus AM1 is that it features a full X16 PCIE 3.0 slot compared to the X4 PCIE 2.0 slot of AM1 (that means it has 8x the PCIE bandwith) and the fact is can use DDR4 instead of DDR3.


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