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Quote: Originally Posted by Timur Born View Post
+185 looks good, indeed. My former 2060 non Super did +145, but started lower. Did you run Realbench for a few hours (at least 4) to make sure this works 100% stable?

My Palit 2070 Super is the non Premium GR edition and there doesn't seem to be any difference between BIOS 1 & 2 other than fan-curves and factory OC. I bought it because of the larger fans (=lower RPM possible) and because I wanted a 2070S with USB-C. The last feature alone increased the entry level price by 50 EUR, now it's closer to a 30 EUR difference thanks to Gigabyte.
I haven't been using realbench. I've done actual gaming sessions in the games that I find are the most picky about overclocks. Namely Ghost Recon Wildlands, The Division and The Division 2.

Also, offset settings are really not a good way of comparing oc's, since a lot of different boards have different base values. At +185 mine boosts to 2100Mhz, and settles at about 2055Mhz once the AIO liquid becomes saturated.
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